History of Russian Open


The prize fund of the RUSSIAN OPEN GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP (Senior) - 2014 was USD 900,000. 72 PGA European Senior Tour golf players from 17 countries (UK, France, Italy, USA, Spain, South Africa, Austria and others) took part in the tournament.

The winner of the 3-day Championship was the legendary Scottish golf player Colin Montgomerie who finished the Championship with -14. Third place with a score of -10 was shared by four players: Tim Thelen, Andrew Oldcorn, Barry Lane and Miguel Angel Martin.


The RUSSIAN OPEN GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP (Senior) 2013 was attended by 72 PGA European Senior Tour players from 20 countries (UK, France, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, USA, Russia and others). Among the Championship participants - many eminent golfers. Russian Open Golf Championship (Senior) came back to Russia after a five-year break (the last time it was held in Russia in 2008).

The prize money of the winner of the tournament, Simon Brown, who finished the game with a score of (-12), 204 strokes, was USD 127,500. 2nd and 3rd place were shared by Mike Harwood and Karl Mason with a score of (-10), 206 strokes.


August 2008. Inteco Russian Open Golf Championship 2008.

The prize fund of the Championship was USD 2,000,000. The Championship was attended by 138 golfers from 23 countries, including winners and professionals of the European Tour stages, Russian golfers. The winner of the tournament was Mikael Lundberg (Sweden) with the result (-21) who also won the main prize - a check for USD 210,237.


August 2007. The Russian Open Golf Championship 2007.

The prize fund of the Championship doubled and reached the amount of $2,000,000. 117 golfers from 23 countries, including 5 Russians, took part in the tournament. The winner of The Russian Open and the holder of a check for $ 333,330 was Swedish Per-Ulrik Johansson with a result (-23).


August 2006. The Imperial Collection Russian Open 2006.

The tournament became a complete stage of the European PGA Tour for the first time, and its prize fund reached $ 1,000,000. The winner of the competition was Spanish Alejandro Cañizares with a score (-22), who received the main prize of the tournament – a check for $ 166,660.


August 2005. Cadillac Russian Open 2005.

The tournament marked the 10th anniversary of being on the European Challenge Tour. Mikael Lundberg (Sweden) defeated Andrew Butterfield (England), playing four exciting hole stroke-play playoff before the first mistake, and won the title of champion of the 2005 Cadillac Russian Open tournament. The victory secured him the Grand prize of 67,599 euros and an invaluable ticket to participate in the European tour championships in 2006.


August 2004. BMW Russian Open 2004.

Among the participants were three former Champions: Ian Payman from the UK and Italians Marco Bernardini and Michele Reale. Gary Emerson won with the result of par (-16), this win was the first prize in a European tournament for him. He was only two strokes ahead of Marcus Briere from Austria.


August 2003. BMW Russian Open 2003.

The tournament with a dual status, in which professionals of the big European PGA tour took part for the first time in the history of Russian Golf. Austrian Martin Vigele and Australian Marcus Fraser were the winners of the Championship. Australian Marcus Fraser won the title of winner of BMW Russian Open, and also won a prize of 66 thousand euros. Russian Junior golfer Dmitry Vinogradov (-2) was just one stroke short of reaching the final, but this result set a new bar for Russian golfers.


August 2002. BMW Russian Open 2002.

Ian Payman from England won the championship by 19 strokes below par, winning over his fellow countrymen Benn Barham and Guido van der Valk. Golfer David Salisbury (England), who hit the hole at the first stroke, took home a $100,000 prize provided by the competition’s partner, MILD SEVEN.


August 2001. BMW Russian Open 2001.

156 golfers from the most remote corners of the world took part in the tournament: South African André Bessette broke the golf course record (63). The main prize was awarded to Jamie Donaldson (Wales) with a result (-18) in four days of competition.


August 2000. BMW Russian Open 2000. The first Russian Open Golf Championship of the new millennium brought together 142 players, including 16 of the top twenty golfers of the Tour. Breaking the Club record with a result (-19), Marco Bernardini (Italy) won the championship and the prize-winning place at the BMW Russian Open 2000 was the first professional victory for him.


August 1999. BMW Russian Open 1999.

The last Russian Open Golf Championship of the century again brought together players from all over the world. Having won his first career victory, Ian Payman (Great Britain) became the main prize-winner of the competition, and Niels Kray (Netherlands) made the game unforgettable by performing a hole-in-hole in hole No. 8, for which he was awarded a BMW worth 70 thousand dollars.


August 1998. Moscow Country Club Russian Open 1998.

The Club once again welcomed players from all over the world, including the top thirty professionals of the tour, who competed for the prize fund. Warren Bennett from England with a record result (-18) won this competition, which was supported by members of the Moscow Country Club.


September 1997. Sovereign Russian Open 1997.

Moscow Country Club once again hosted the PGA European Challenge Tour. German Heinz Peter Thül set a new golf course record with 64 strokes. The winner of the tournament was decided after a two-hole replay between Italian Michele Reale, who finally won, and Heinz Peter Thül, who was assisted by his wife as a caddie. In addition, the largest prize fund among the 50 stages of the tour was allocated.


September 1996. Sovereign Russian Open 1996.

The first international Golf tournament in Russia, the Sovereign Russian Open '96, was a stage of the PGA European Tour. Players from 24 countries competed for a $ 100,000 prize fund. Carl Watts from England won the tournament, setting a new golf course record (65 strokes per round), and Alexander Strunkin, representing Moscow Country Club, received the title of the first professional golfer in Russia.

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