Rules & Regulations

Dear members!

As you are aware together with the Board of the Governors it was decided to introduce two new rules to improve the pace of play during the club tournaments:
1. Forced skip the hole by the slow group.
2. Self-control of the pace of play.

Please read them carefully:
- Forced skip the hole by the slow group
- Self-control of the pace of play
We will inform about self-control of the pace of play before each tournament.

Rules & Regulations

Rules of behavior on the golf course

1. Registration, reservation rules Before starting the game a golfer has to provide his/ her membership card to a starter on Hole # 1 or # 10. All guests of golf club members participating in the game have to show payment confirmation (green fee) when registering at starter's. All gofers have to be registered by the starter (on Hole # 1) before the game. All players have to be at the first tee 5 minutes to appointed time. The game can be started only with the permission of the starter. Golf Club members can make reservation for Saturday and Sunday starting from Monday, guests/ for guests – starting from Wednesday. Reservation for a game is made on the club website or by the club reception phone. Reservation for club tournaments is made on the website. If reservation for any tournaments is made by e-mail or by phone golf club members will be informed about it additionally. Administration reserves the right to cancel reservation for a guest made from Morning to Tuesday. If Golf Club member decided to cancel his/ her reservation he/ she has to cancel it by himself/ herself or to warn reception personnel. On week-end double reservation is forbidden: Due to high demand for game on Saturday and Sunday each club member can make reservation for not more than one game. If after finishing the first round there is a gap in playing timetable a player can reserve the second game also. Administration reserves the right to cancel the second reservation if it is made before the beginning of the first round.

2. Permit to play golf. Handicap

Golf Club members having handicap are allowed to play golf on 18-hole golf course during peak time (week-ends till 2:00 PM). In case of its absence the golf club member has to receive it.

Golf Club member not having handicap can play golf on the golf course any time excluding peak time. Maximum playing handicap allowing playing golf on 18-hole golf course during peak time is equal to 28 for men and 36 for women. A new club member has to get in touch with the golf club administration for assistance in determination of his/ her handicap and playing level.

• Golf Club members, not having handicap, have to provide 5 cards from 18 holes to get handicap.

• For counting handicap not only cards from club tournaments are accepted but also the results of a usual day. It means that score for handicap can be registered any weekday or weekend.

It is necessary:

  • before the game beginning to inform a starter about your intention to play for handicap (starter will make a corresponding record in the register)
  • after golf round to return the card to the golf club reception with a signature of at least one golf club member

Important: If a player was not registered on Hole # 1 his result will not be accepted for handicap. It is golfer's respon­sibility to make sure that his/ her name is recorded in register «game for handicap». To participate in club tournaments where handicap is obligatory are allowed club members having:

1. 5 official results from the previous club tournaments.

2. Maximum playing handicap:

• Men – 26

• Women – 34

Golf Club administration and Handicap Committee including club members control all handicaps of club members. In case of absence of registered handicap or sufficient playing level administration has the right to cancel reservation of such player made during peak time (week-ends till 2:00 PM). Golf Club guest when registering for game at the club reception has to provide confirmation of his/ her playing level (handicap). In case of handicap absence (handicap card) guest can be allowed to play golf on 18-hole golf course after demonstration of his/ her game level on the driving range and knowledge of Golf Rules to the golf professional.

3. Golf course care

All players have to observe the rules of golf course care: • To level all bunkers after the game • To repair pitch mark left on green by a ball • To replace the divots on fairways • To replace divots with sand from special containers on holes PAR 3. Practice swings should be made in the air without damaging grass both on fairways and tee.

4. Game speed

Golf round duration at MCC should not exceed 4 hours 30 minutes. Game speed is determined by your ability to be guided by a group going ahead, but not by a group falling behind. Recommendation to speed up the game on the course: • If a ball gets in the forest and it is evident that it will be difficult to find it, it is necessary to use a temporary ball • A group falling behind a group going ahead for more than one hole has to let the group going behind pass. • If a ball is holed out all players have to leave the green immediately.

Five or six ball game is strictly forbidden unless permission is received from golf club administration. Some tournaments and corporate events can be held in format of 5-ball game if they are agreed by the administration. Groups of 2 players are entitled to the first priority right, but they do not have the right to leave behind groups of 3 or 4 players. Single player is not entitled to the first priority right to play golf on the course. Larger groups should not let him pass. Any group playing the whole round is entitled to the first priority right over a group playing only the short round.

5. Dress code

All golf club members and guests have to be dressed accordingly. For men: polo shirt (shirts have to be tucked in). Slacks, classic shorts, waterproof suits for golf. For women: polo shirt, skirts, trousers, shorts, dresses, waterproof suits for golf. On the golf course players, fans and bodyguards are not allowed to wear jeans, tracksuits, tank tops, jogging shoes, swimwear, high-heeled shoes. Also it is forbidden to walk with bare torso in the Club territory. Shoes with metallic spikes are not allowed. Mobile telephones have to be switched off during the game.

6. Safety

2.6.1. Safety rules on the golf course: • To make a shot from a tee or any other place on the golf course is allowed only if other players are out of reach of a ball. Responsibility for determination of safe distance is placed on a player making a shot. • It is not recommended to stand close to a player making a shot. Recommended distance from a player is not less than 3 meters. • Special attention should be paid to playing near ponds. It is necessary to keep in mind that grassed slopes in front of ponds are very steep and slippery. • When driving an electric cart the following safety precautions have to be observed:

  • to avoid sharp turns;
  • not to leave electric carts on slopes;
  • to be careful when moving on slopes;
  • not to approach slopes around ponds closer than 20 meters;
  • maximum two people can use one electric cart;
  • electric cart can be driven only by a person arrived at 18 years and having driving license of B category.

Each person driving electric cart undertakes responsibility for driving a cart. • Children under 14 are allowed to the golf course only if supervised by the adults. MCC management is not responsible for possible consequences of non-observance of rules and for injuries sustained by a golf club when making a swing, by a ball and non-observance of safe distance rules. 2.6.2. Safety rules on the practice range (driving range, putting green, chipping green):

• Children under 14 are allowed to play golf only if supervised by adults. • The minimum gap between golfers making shots is 2,5 meters. • A player should approach and leave the tee at an angle of 90º. It is not allowed to leave the tee in the direction of a shot as well as to approach a player standing in front and a player standing behind. When playing from grass or platform a player standing behind have to stand in such a way so that to look precisely at the back of the head of a player standing in front. • Spectators should keep a distance not less than 3 meters from the tees. • Spectators are not allowed to walk on the driving range. • Walking on practice chipping green is allowed only if nobody plays on it. • Before making shots from grass and from practice bunkers on chipping green a player has to make sure that there are no players on chipping green. Notes: when making shots from bunkers as well as making long or sand shots from grass it is necessary to make sure that there is nobody behind the green from the opposite side. • It is forbidden to hit woods under the shed (awning) if there is a post behind a player. It is forbidden to play long shots or sand shots on chipping green if there are people on the opposite side of the green. When playing from the platforms on the right side of the driving range golfers should suspend playing when a ball collector is being attended by the employee. • Special attention has to be paid to concrete surface on which platforms are located – it is slippery especially after rain. Golf Club member who has invited guests or spectators is responsible for observance of safety rules by them on the golf course and practice range.

7. Starters / Marshals

Instructions of starters and marshals have to be always observed. Any club member/ guest have to meet all requirements of starters and marshals. These people make your game and conditions for playing the most convenient that's why it is extremely important to obey their instructions.

8. Fans, player's guests and bodyguard

Guests of Golf Club members who do not play golf as well as golfer's bodyguard have to be dressed and behave according to etiquette and dress code adopted in the Club. Before the first visit of the golf course golfer's bodyguard has to be instructed by the golf club administration.

9. Children on the golf course

During peak hours (week-ends and holidays before 02:00) children are not allowed to the golf course. During non-peak hours children are allowed to the golf course only if supervised by their parents or other attendants. Small children are not recommended to be on the golf course any time.

10. Animals on the golf course

It is not allowed to be on the golf course with domestic animals.

11. Food and Beverage

Golfers are allowed to bring their food and beverage to the golf course. Beverages have to be in tins or plastic containers. No alcoholic drinks including beer are allowed on the golf course. It is forbidden to litter on the golf course. All garbage has to be thrown in dustbins.

12. Electric carts

Golf club members and guests are not allowed to use electric carts on the golf course. Exclusion: doctor's pres­cription. Permission to use carts falls under competence of the golf club administration.

13. Rain ticket

When the club/ hotel guest pays the game, but has to stop it due to weather conditions (heavy rain, thunderstorm, hurricane etc.), on request he/ she can get «a rain ticket» – permission for one free game. This game must be played within 14 days from the date of rain ticket issue.


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