A forced skip the hole by the slow group

In all official competitions of "Moscow Country club" in 2017, except for the Club Championship and Captains Cup, the referees and marshals have the right to demand the group to skip a hole if such a group is behind, in consultation with the chief referee of the competition (Director of Golf).

It applies in exceptional cases where a substantial delay of the group from the schedule and the previous group is creating problems for the pace of play.


This is the procedure for skipping a hole due to a pace of play issue:

  1. The following constitutes a violation of the speed of play, a delay of the group ahead is 1.5 or more holes (i.e., passing the hole the slow group shall not wait for the previous group, but will be able to catch up with it) a marshal or referee will warn the group about the need to skip the next hole.

  2. After receiving this warning, the players of the slow group, after normal completion of the game on a given hole, are OBLIGED to go the next hole without playing, and keep playing the following hole.

  3. At the end of the round, the players of this group will have the right to play the missed hole with the permission of the chief referee of the competition (Director of Golf). The group can complete the hole only if there is a gap between the groups or after the competition.

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