XXVI International Charity Golf Tournament in Moscow Country Club marking International Children's Day

On June 3, the Moscow Country Club (affiliate of GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia) will host the XXVI International Charity Golf Tournament. This year, a well-known sporting event for golf enthusiasts marks the International Children's Day. The tournament will include 18 teams of 4 people.

Famous athletes and artists, founders and ambassadors of charitable foundations, business and political elite will take part in various events of the tournament. Among the invited guests: Tutta Larsen, Vitaly Gogunsky, Angelina Sergeeva, Tosya Chaikina and others.

On the day of the tournament, the Moscow Country Club will host a festival. Anyone is welcome to get involved. The green fields of the complex will house scientific, play, sports and creative areas. Orphaned children will also take part in the celebration of childhood and sports. They will perform on stage, take part in master classes and golf lessons. During the day, educational and entertaining workshops, outdoor games and scientific programs will be organized for all guests. They will find many delicious food from the farmlands of the Moscow region and a special menu from the chef of the Moscow Country Club.

Traditionally, a family show will take place on the main stage. This year, the key actors of the Impromptu Theater will present an alternative to the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The highlight of the evening will be a two-hour concert.

The golf tournament at the Moscow Country Club has been held since 1996. This is the first 18-hole golf course in Russia, with an area of 70 hectares, with three lakes and a river. Over the long history, the event has become not only a prestigious sporting event, but also an efficient fundraising tool to help charities, hospitals, boarding schools, and other institutions. Over the years of the tournament, more than 100 million rubles were raised.

Timetable on June 3:
Golf Tournament:

9.30 am - 11.00 am Registration of golfers and guests
11.00 am -11.30 am Opening of the Golf Tournament
12.00 pm -5:00 pm Golf Tournament
5:30 pm -5:45 pm Award Ceremony


From 11.00 am Registration of guests
12.00 pm Opening of the festive program
12.30 pm Warm-up exercises
1.00 pm - 5.30 pm Interactive zones and gastronomic corners
3.15 pm - 4.15 pm Show on the main stage
6.00 pm Concert
8.40 pm - 10.30 pm Outdoor cinema

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