The International Charity Golf Tournament is held for the 27th time

The Moscow Country Club (affiliate of GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia) hosted the XXVII International Charity Golf Tournament. The Russia’s oldest charity golf tournament brought together Russians and foreign diplomats to raise money helping seriously ill children.

In his opening remarks, Vyacheslav Fatin, Acting Head of GlavUpDK under MFA of Russia said, “It is clear and has long become customary for representatives of the diplomatic corps, Russian political and business circles and the sports community playing golf that in the first days of June GlavUpDK holds a charity golf tournament dedicated to Children’s Day. The Tournament’s mission is kindness and mercy, which is confirmed by the great interest in the event for almost three decades!” he addressed the audience.

Olympic medalist in rhythmic gymnastics Vera Shimanskaya, Olympic medalist in synchronized swimming Maria Shurochkina and Olympic medalist Anastasia Tatareva delivered welcoming speeches.

Students of the MFA of Russia’s Boarding School, old friends of the tournament and GlavUpDK, gave a brilliant dancing and singing performance.

This year, the money raised was allocated to the Konstantin Khabenskiy’s Charity Foundation, the Vera, Galchonok, Important People and Life as a Miracle foundations as well as to the MFA of Russia’s Boarding School. The awards ceremony was attended by foundation ambassadors, including Armenian and Russian singer, songwriter Mariam Merabova; actor, director, screenwriter and producer Dmitry Grachev and Russian theater and film actress Aleksandra Rebenok.

Inclement weather, heavy rain and strong wind did not change the scenario or destroy the participants’ enthusiasm.

Shortly after the opening ceremony, a golf tournament began with 60 people taking part in it, including Russian players, heads of diplomatic missions and diplomats from Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, Zambia, Kenya, Myanmar and South Africa. It was an anniversary tournament as the new golf season was the thirtieth for the Moscow Country Club. The team including Aleksey Filatov, Irina Vaschenko, Mikhail Mostovoy and Gennady Sokolov won the tournament. Irina Erofeevskaya, Evgeny Orekhov, Evgeny Slizhov and Sofia Slizhova were awarded silver medals. Kamil Khanyafin, Danil Khanyafin, Adel Khanyafin and Elizaveta Kharaldina came third.

Marking the International Children’s Day, the country club hosted a festival of family, childhood and a healthy lifestyle. Young guests learned about different careers (actor, sports medicine physician, forensic scientist and perfumer) in the KidZania town. During the day, the visitors attended workshops where under the guidance of an experienced mentor they had a chance to make a mosaic, try their hand at painting restoration and also create handmade souvenirs to remind themselves of the time spent at the Moscow Country Club. A fascinating stage performance took the guests into the world of a fabulous fantasy.

The exercises by Maria Shurochkina and Anastasia Tatareva and Olympic medalist Vlada Chigireva boosted the guests’ energy and lifted their spirits. The visitors talked to the athletes in the lecture hall asking them about the challenges and peculiarities of professional sport. In addition, educational lectures on psychology and contemporary art were held in the lecture hall.

Performances by popular artists created the festive atmosphere. The festival participants enjoyed the performances given by Igor Makarov, AMCHI, Nechaev and Dragni. The highlight of the music program was the performance by singer Hanna. The guests were lucky to listen to her hits and see her lively dance.

During the festival, the guests treated themselves to farm and artisan products from Moscow Region producers and the Moscow Country Club chef’s specialty.

Festival sponsors: GALAXY LINE appliance and tableware, Prosveschenie-Soyuz publishing house, KidZania amusement park, Praktika construction and restoration company, Pallada restoration company, Pirit-99 restoration company, Bogdan Lavrinenko Workshop, Hobby Games store, FELIX STATION CATERING, Appleton cider, Starorusskie balyks, Vkusnoe Iskusstvo (Tasty Art), Fermer Skott (Farmer Scott), Urbech, Katin Kofe (Katin Сoffee), Moskovskaya Sladkaya Vata (Moscow Cotton Candy), Rossa flower shop, V!Smysle youth theater, Moscow School of Modern Drama Theater, Binoche candies, Cinematica orchestra, Sight web design bureau, Natural Touch artificial flower shop.


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