The Board of the Club

The Board of the Club is an advisory body, made up of members of the Moscow Country Club Golf Club.

Goals and Duties of the Board:

  • To interact with the club membership

  • To submit issues relating to the Moscow Country Club’s economic, financial and organisational matters to the attention of the management of this branch of GlavUpDK

  • To take decisions about the holding of club tournaments and to confirm the tournament calendar and other club events

  • To foster links with other golf clubs around the world

  • To form the body (the Golf Committee) for the organisation of club competitions

  • To encourage club members to observe the club’s rules of conduct

The Board is formed of nine club members, elected at the AGM.

One year five seats are put to the vote, the next year four seats are put to the vote.

Every member of the Board is elected for two years.

Every year, the Board elects a chairman from its membership.

As necessary, the Chairman will convene Board meetings.

The Golf Committee

Every year, the Board elects one or two Club Captains from the club membership. Contacts

The Captains form the Golf Committee, which is comprised of subcommittees responsible for membership, rules and handicaps, finances and disciplinary matters. The Committee contributes to the organisation of club tournaments and the club life with the goal of improving the sports and leisure experience for every club member.

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