Children’s Golf Academy

The golf club hosts year-round group training to develop young athletes' physical strength, playing skills, and personality. Classes are designed to suit young golfers.

The study course includes theory, practicing, and competitions.

The majority of the Academy students participate in all-Russian and international competitions and are members of their regional teams.

Children who begin discovering golf will have a unique chance to get the first lesson for free.

Training sessions take place twice a week. The cost is 15,000 RUB per month.


The Academy’s training program runs all year long and includes:

  • Perfecting the swing technique

  • Theory classes

  • Playing on a golf course

  • Tactics and strategy classes

  • Participation in tournaments

Summer training takes place on sports grounds for pro players: 250 m Driving Range, Putting Green, Chipping Green and Fairway Bunker.

Winter training includes:

  • Golf simulators

  • A fully equipped facility to practice the strokes

  • Gym

  • Theory classes

  • Physical games

Modern techniques of swing video analysis and individual club selection are employed.

Training is administered by professional PGA golfers.

For detailed information, please call +7 (495) 626 59 10

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