Every player is unique, regardless of gender, age or experience. An individual approach is a key tenet of our Academy’s philosophy. Certified trainers with extensive experience and the highest levels of professionalism will help you both to achieve the best results on the golf course and to enjoy the game.

Coaching takes place in specialised golf classrooms, with all the necessary equipment for the most effective training possible.

·         Trackman – Trackman measures all of the movement parameters of the club and ball, length of ball flight, rotation speed, club speed and direction, club angle at impact and much more. This is especially helpful to achieve an optimal distance from your clubs, as well as to more accurately select clubs to match the features of the player's swing.

·         Video Analysis Tools V1, Coach’s Eye, GASP – These tools allow for a detailed analysis of impact, splitting the video into its individual frames. Thanks to this we can pick up on mistakes which are not visible to the human eye. Analysis results can be sent by email.

·         Varied simulators for warm-up exercises.

·         Simulators for specialist physical training.

·         Putting simulators.


Tactical coaching allows you to play on the course with your coach. Over a round of golf, you will learn:

-how to approach the holes at your current level

-how to approach difficult situations

- rules in match conditions

- rules and appropriate etiquette on the course

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