30th Anniversary Golf Season Closes at Moscow Country Club

The Golf.ru Final Swing 2023 tournament, a closing event of the 30th anniversary golf season of Moscow Country Club, was held last Saturday. 

The tournament was organized in a scramble format in teams of five players, with a total of 140 participants. 

The first place with a score of 53 won the team of Dmitry Soloviev, Natalia Morzhevilova, Andrei Morzhevilov, Alexander Lunegov, Tatiana Lunegova. The second and third places with a score of 45 had the team consisting of Evgeny Slizhov, Evgeny Orekhov, Igor Yartsev, Sofiya Slizhova, Irina Erofeevskaya and the team, which included Rajat Kapoor, Binoy Mishra, Artur Minosyants, Inna Lazanyuk and Nisha Mishra.

The day closed with a gala dinner and an evening performance presented by employees and members of the golf club. Marina Maslova, Director of Moscow Country Club, was also present at the event and read the congratulations of Vyacheslav Fatin, Acting Head of GlavUpDK, on the 30th anniversary of the club to the guests: “You are the ones who made the legendary Moscow Country Club a famous place for golf lovers, a place that is now rightfully considered to be the leading club in Russia, with numerous prestigious and international awards and prizes. Your love of the game, excitement and triumphs make an invaluable contribution to maintaining a unique friendly atmosphere. We will continue to work hard on making Moscow Country Club thrive, on training new generations of golfers and on developing this sport in the country.”

The celebration also included an awards ceremony for the tournament winners held at the club during the season: Fall Championship, Matchplay, Medal of the Month, Two Stars, Zarudnaya Trophy and Gold Tee Challenge.

The main partner of the Tournament was GOLF.RU, the leading golf website in Russia.

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