Autumn 4 ball

We start registration for Autumn 4 ball 2019.
The qualifying rounds will be on August 24th or August 31st.
Calcutta on August 31st
1st round on September 1st , 2nd and 3rd rounds on September 7th.
Final round on September 8th

You can sign up for the tournament via ‘members area’ on the web

Rules of Entry
• Only enter the qualifying rounds if you can play all further rounds
• Max Handicap: Men – 28, Ladies – 36
• All competitors must have entered a minimum of 5 cards for handicap purposes throughout the season or confirmed handicap approved by Committee
Rules of Play – Qualifying Tournament
• Each pair wanting to play in this tournament must play a qualifying round on either on August 24th or August 31st
Format –Four-ball Better-ball without a handicap. Best gross score per hole from a team of two players.
• The top 64 teams will be seeded into 4 flights: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze
THE START LIST for 24th August

The Start list for August 31st

• On Saturday (August 31st ) after Qualifying round there will be Calcutta on the terrace at 5pm.

Light dinner and drinks will be served for those interested in participating in the Calcutta event.

We invite all the members to take a part in the Calcutta.

• The start list for September 1st will be published on and send by e-mail at about 6pm on Saturday.

If you can not play the final rounds on September 1, 7 and 8th please inform us before 2pm on August 31st .

• On September 1st – the start of final rounds of Autumn 4 ball.

The program of the tournament:

September 1 – first round. Everyone who qualified play this round.

September 7 – second and third round .All who won their matches in round 1 and 2 play.

Important: you need to be ready to play 36 holes on September 7th.

September 8 – fourth round. All who won their matches in round 3 play.

THE RULES of final rounds

Results of the qualifying round of the «Autumn 4 ball 2019» here

The start list on September 1st

The start list on September 7th

The winners of the tournament «Autumn 4-ball 2019»:

Platinum Flight: Klimov Alexey, Mateshina Olga

Golden Flight: Solodovnikov Alexandr, Moshkov Dmitrii

Silver Flight: Kozlova Lidiya, Lunegova Tatiana

Bronzey Flight: Sidorov Alexey, Sidorova Larisa

This year the tournament «Autumn 4-ball» was set an absolute record in the match ¼ finals
between Kim Uhm Ji/Kim Hee Won and Kucherkova May/Andrey Biryukov.

At the end of 18 holes, a draw was recorded, the team went to the replay from hole 1.

According to the rules, the game goes to the first hole won.

And the team went to ...........The 8th hole.

Only 8 green the winner, they were Uhm Ji Kim/Kim Hee Won. In total, these pairs played 26 holes.

And after this match Uhm Ji Kim/Kim Hee Won again, went to hole 1 to continue the game already in the ½ finals against Alexander Solodovnikov/Moshkov Dmitry.

This match lasted until dark, the teams played 16 holes and the next morning continued the game with 17 holes.

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