International Charity Golf Tournament gathers friends for the 26th time

On June 3, Moscow Country Club (affiliate of GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia) hosted the 26th International Charity Golf Tournament timed to coincide with the International Children's Day. With 80 golfers from Russia, Indonesia, Italy, Thailand, Vietnam, it was a real celebration of friendship, sports and childhood. And the young guests took part in a series of edutainment events. 

The event was opened by Vyacheslav Fatin, Head of GlavUpDK. He said, "This good undertaking has been existing for 26 years. Over its long history, the tournament has become a celebration of sports, family and childhood, of attentive and responsible attitude to each other, care and creativity. And this is no coincidence, as golf brings people together, promotes personal harmony and excellent communication. And, most importantly, we were able to help many children who are so in need of warmth and support!" Vyacheslav Fatin expressed special gratitude to the MFA of Russia and the tournament partners for many years of support, without which the initiative would not have lived for decades.

Alexander Zhukov, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly and Honorary President of the Russian Olympic Committee, and Alexander Kochetkov, Acting Director of the Russian Golf Association, gave a greeting speech. They also took the course that day.

This year, charitable support was sent to numerous charitable foundations: Vera Hospice Charity Fund, Lighthouse Charity Foundation, Konstantin Khabenskiy’s Charity Foundation, AdVita Charitable Foundation, and Important People, as well as to the Boarding Secondary School of the MFA of Russia. The certificates were presented to the representatives of the funds by the Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics and seven-time world champion Margarita Mamun, four-time champion of Russia, multiple medalist of European Championships, World Junior champion, the first Olympic champion in the history of Russia in women’s individual Adelina Sotnikova, TV host and actress Aurora, and actor Vladislav Kanopka. 

The host of the tournament opening ceremony was one of the brightest TV and radio hosts of Russia, journalist, actress and singer Tutta Larsen. The gem of the ceremony was the bright performance given by the students of the Boarding School of the MAF of Russia, who presented incredible dance and musical numbers. 

On the day of the tournament, Moscow Country Club hosted a festival. Funds from ticket sales were also donated to charity. Children of orphanages also took part in the celebration. The day was opened by a morning exercise in the fresh air from Adelina Sotnikova. Scientific, gaming, sports and creative zones were located on the river bank, and the main stage hosted a theatrical performance for the whole family. The actors of the Impromptu theater shared an alternative view of the story of Little Red Riding Hood. In Kidzania town of professions the children were able to try their hands at the jobs of an actor, sports doctor, criminologist and perfumer. The lecture hall hosted a cryo science show, meeting with cosmonaut Sergei Ryazansky, discussion on the importance of environmental conservation and an interactive lecture on the possibilities of human memory. The highlight of the evening was an open-air concert featuring the bands Burito, Intonatsia, Grinkevich and 1380, as well as singers Asia, Tosya Chaikina, Tasiia, Nyuta, Polina Chili and Vesnushka. 

The guests could enjoy delicious treats: healthy ice cream, cheeses, meat products, pancakes and honey from the Moscow region farmers. 
The tournament lasted all day. The closing ceremony was hosted by actor, composer, singer and producer Vitaly Gogunsky. The first place was taken by the team which included Tatiana Sukhinina, Dmitry Sukhinin,

Sofia Sukhinina and Stefan Stefanovich. Irina Vashchenko, Alexey Filatov, Andrey Borodaevsky and Gennady Sokolov won silver. Alexander Timoshin, Yuri Sharov, Sergey Diltaev and Maria Vishnyakova became bronze medalists of the tournament.
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