Moscow Country Club Will Host the Winter Golf 2022 Tournament

On February 12, the Moscow Country Club will host Winter Golf 2022 Tournament, one of the most anticipated club events outside the golf season. 
In Russia, golf season is not a long one, lasting from April to October. It makes the winter tournament a really special event for all the golf enthusiasts and grants a unique opportunity to polish golf skills in extreme winter conditions. 

Snow golf has become a tradition at Russia's oldest and largest club, Moscow Country Club. It was Russia's first professional golf course to host such tournaments. This year, it took two weeks to prepare the field for the winter tournament. 

Despite the snowy winter, five holes will be prepared on the field. The game will be in a two-player scramble format, with players going two rounds. 
Sign up for the tournament by phone +7 (495)626-59-10 

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