Moscow Country Club Hosts FINAL SWING Tournament

Last weekend, FINAL SWING tournament took place in Moscow Country Club. The competition wrapped up the 2021 golf season. The tournament was held in the tour scramble format. 27 5-man teams took the Nakhabino golf course. 
The winning team included: Park Chang Myung, Park Chong Ryul, Lee Michael Hoon, Kim Inbae, Cho Young Sam. Yegor Malevich, Dmitry Solovyov, Maria Vishnyakova, Sergey Diltayev and Yuri Sharov took the second place. The team of Mikhail Mostovoy, Svetlana Van Mourik, Vladimir Tatarintsev, Nikolay Viktorov and Tatiana Chelan rounded up the winning trio.
The tournament was followed by the grand golf season closing ceremony with a themed ‘Russia-Africa’ gala dinner, and the winners of several tournaments of the season got their prizes. 
For the oldest golf club in Russia, the 2021 season was densely packed and busy. Moscow Country Club course hosted over 60 tournaments, including the iconic International Charity Golf Tournament held for the 25th time this year. 
The club team qualified for the International Match Championships 2022, taking the first place in the qualification tournament for that key Russian golf event. The golfers from Moscow Country Club also emerged victorious from the Masters 55 tournament at Strawberry Hills. Besides, that was the tournament where Mikhail Mostovoy from our club made a hole in one swing at 60 meters, becoming a legend among the golfers. 
On the whole, the past season was replete with holes in one. Six golfers achieved that feat on the Moscow Country Club course: An Chang Kyun, Irina Selivanova, Lidia Kozlova, Otakar Rezek and Vasily Makarov.
The Club champions 2021 were Kim Seong Hun for the men and Evgenia Efimova for the ladies. The silver draw leader of the Match Play, the tournament held throughout the season, was Anna Zorina, the gold draw leader - Kim Seong Hun! At the Autumn 4-ball Jonathan Tubb and Antony Wong came out the winners of the silver flight, with Aleksandr Patrov and Konstantin Gvildis winning the gold.
This year the Russian golfers had a unique opportunity to brush up their skills training with Scott Goldie, an international PGA Golf Professional with over 30 years of experience working with golfers from Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Finland and Switzerland. 

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