Moscow Country Club admits new students to its Children’s Golf Academy

Children's Golf Academy of Moscow Country Club announces the intake of seven-year-old students.

Children who begin discovering golf will have a unique chance to get the first lesson for free.

The Academy's training program will continue all year long and includes working on swing technique, playing on the golf course, theory lessons, game tactics, and game strategy. Academy members are eligible to participate in tournaments.

In summer, classes take place at professional training grounds: 250 m Driving Range, Putting Green, Chipping Green and Fairway Bunker.

Modern techniques of swing video analysis and individual club selection are employed.

During the winter, the children can train using golf simulators, practice swings in a well-equipped facility, and attend theory and physical strength classes.

This training format contributes to the general development of physical fitness and endurance of young athletes and allows children to meet new friends and develop meaningful social networks.

Training is administered by professional PGA golfers.

For detailed information and appointments, please call +7 (495) 626-59-10

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