Moscow Country Club Hosted the Winter Golf 2021 Tournament

Winter Golf 2021 Tournament, one of the most anticipated events in Russian golf scene, took place in Moscow Country Club (affiliate of GlavUpDK).

In Russia, golf season lasts from May to October. Which makes the winter tournament a really special event for all the golf enthusiasts. It grants a unique opportunity to polish golf skills in extreme winter conditions.

In the Moscow Country Club golf club, snow golf has become a tradition. It was Russia's first professional golf course to host such tournaments.

This year, 34 golf players accepted the challenge of 9-hole snowbound course. The tournament was organized in scramble format.

Egor Malevich and Alexander Timoshin were declared first prize winners (28 swings); Alexander Bogatyr and Nikolay Smodlev shared the second place (29 swings); Konstantin Sokol and Alexey Sidorov took the third place (32 swings).

Reboot network of intensive interval training studios offered the club its partnership as well as gift cards for the winners (

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