About team building

We inform You that given the inability to travel abroad foreign members of our club, a team formed on the basis of the rating of the club, statistics, results, Interclub competitions, results, match club tournaments, and captains choice.

The formation of the team was hard, because many players was refused for various objective reasons.

1. Konstantin Sokol is the first Russian player in the club rating. He didn't have any success in competitions between clubs, but we hope so.

2. Alexey Filatov is winner In the Golden flight of the Autumn 4 Ball, winner in the Silver flight of match play tournament, second number in the club rating in the second group among Russians.

3. Irina Vashchenko is winner in the Golden flight of the Autumn 4 Ball, first in the second women's group, always plaing in match games with A. Filatov.

4. Alexey Titchev is number 3 in the rating of tournaments between clubs, the first in the second group of the club rating among Russians.

5. Stanislav Pomytkin is second in the first group among Russian players.

6. Boris Biryukov due to the refusal of A. Ablekov, third in the first handicap group of the rating, finalist of The Golden flight of the Autumn 4 Ball.

7. Egor Malevich - choice of captains, number 3 according to statistics of competitions between clubs.

It was possible to introduce the first number of the rating in the third group A. Lipko to the national team. It was offered to him, but he refused. Since the maximum handicap of the tournament is 15.0 the next one was not selected.

With respect,
Captains A. Biryukov and E. Malevich
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